Hung-Shiang Chuang

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—Automatic optical fiber alignment is the key to reducing the cost of the packaging process for the manufacturing of fiber-optic devices. This paper develops a vision-based active optical fiber alignment technique for coarse positioning using a piezoactuated moving platform that is controlled to reduce the alignment difference to within a certain degree. To(More)
Resonant converters are very attractive in practice because they have high efficiency, small size, light weight, fast dynamic response, low component stresses and low noise. One of the relatively new resonant DC-DC converters is a Series-Parallel Resonant Converter (SPRC) also called an LCC converter. Under constant frequency, the filter designs are(More)
Resonant power conversion has many advantages over conventionally adopted pulse-width modulation, which are, low electromagnetic interference, low switching losses, small volume, and light weight of components due to a high switching frequency, high efficiency, and low reverse recovery losses in diodes results to a low di/dt at switching instant. So, this(More)
– A new filtering technique named resonant energy storage filter for AC/DC converter is proposed in this paper. As compared with the conventional active filter, this approach is advantageous of lower current stress and higher control flexibility. In this paper, the proposed filtering approach is implemented with class-D series-parallel resonant inverter.(More)
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