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Textual Entailment (TE) is a critical issue in natural language processing (NLP). In this paper we report our approach to the Chinese textual entailment and the system result on NTCIR-10 RITE-2 both simplified and traditional Chinese dataset. Our approach is based on more observation on training data and finding more types of linguistic features. The(More)
The emerging of social community generates huge amount useful information in various areas. The information is generated in the context of social relation between people and their friends and is helpful to applications in the context. In the social book search task, we integrate the social feature into the traditional information retrieval technology to(More)
Developing efficient services for Taiwan's machine-tool industry is important because of the intelligent service enhancement for industrial networks and systems integration. The purpose of this study is to provide innovative service via remote cloud computing for machine tool solutions. The intelligent system integrates both hardware and software functions(More)
Developing efficient maintenance system for Taiwan's machine-tool industry is important because of the cloud service enhancement recently. This study provides innovative maintenance system via cloud virtual computing for machine tool management. The virtual maintenance cloud is a monitoring system for precision manufacturing plant. The virtual maintenance(More)
In this paper, we design a processing flow to produce linked data in articles, providing anchor-based term's additional information and related terms in different languages (English to Chi-nese). Wikipedia has been a very important corpus and knowledge bank. Although Wikipedia describes itself not a dictionary or encyclopedia, it is if high potential values(More)
This paper described our participation in the NTCIR-10 Cross-lingual Link Discovery Task of Chinese-to-English(C2E). The task focuses on making suitable links on terms between Chinese/Japanese/Korean lingual Wikipedia articles and English Wikipedia articles. In this event, we proposed a method on Chinese-to-English subtask. The method that we proposed have(More)