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Planar cell polarity (PCP) is a level of tissue organization in which cells adopt a uniform orientation within the plane of an epithelium. The process of tissue polarization is likely to be initiated by an extracellular gradient. Thus, determining how cells decode and convert this graded information into subcellular asymmetries is key to determining how(More)
Acetylation of histones plays an important role in regulating transcription. Histone acetylation is mediated partly by the recruitment of specific histone acetyltransferases (HATs) and deacetylases (HDACs) to genomic loci by transcription factors, resulting in modulation of gene expression. Although several specific interactions between transcription(More)
Drosophila photoreceptors undergo marked changes in their morphology during pupal development. These changes include a five-fold elongation of the retinal cell body and the morphogenesis of the rhabdomere, the light sensing structure of the cell. Here we show that twinstar (tsr), which encodes Drosophila cofilin/ADF (actin-depolymerizing factor), is(More)
Although a causal link between chronic inflammation and cancer has been established, the exact molecular mechanism linking inflammation to cancer remains largely unknown. It was previously postulated that molecular switches responsible for cancer cell development, and for infiltration of inflammatory cells into cancer, were divided into a distinct set of(More)
BACKGROUND Xeroform remains the current standard for treating superficial partial-thickness burns but can be prohibitively expensive in developing countries with prevalent burn injuries. This study (1) describes the production of an alternative low-cost dressing and (2) compares the alternative dressing and Xeroform using the metrics of cost-effectiveness,(More)
Fibrotic disorders involve replacement of normal parenchyma with myofibroblasts, which deposit connective tissue, leading to obliteration of the function of the underlying organ. The treatment options are inadequate and reflect the fact that signaling targets in myofibroblasts are unknown. Here we identify the hyperactive Lyn signaling in myofibroblasts of(More)
– Collision avoidance is a key factor in enabling the integration of unmanned aerial vehicle into real life use, whether it is in military or civil application. For a long time there have been a large number of works to address this problem; therefore a comparative summary of them would be desirable. This paper presents a survey on the major collision(More)
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