Hung-Li Jason Chen

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Internal structures, features and properties in volumetric datasets are mostly obscured and hidden. In order to reveal and explore them, appropriate tools are required to remove and carve the occluding materials, isolate and extract different regions of interest. We introduce a framework of interactive tools for real-time volume sculpting and segmentation.(More)
Interactive volume segmentation is an essential and important step in medical image processing. Conventional interactive methods typically demand significant amounts of time and do not lend to a natural interaction scheme with the 3D volume. In this paper we present a sketch-based interface for seeded region growing volume segmentation. In our approach, the(More)
Despite the wealth of newly available digital materials, the scope of text-based investigations has mostly been limited to either synchronous or short-term historical analysis. In this paper, we report on the first stage of the project that focuses on tracking long-range historical change, specifically, on the history of ideas and concepts. The project's(More)
{Conventional video-on-demand servers concentrate on striping approaches to support a large number of concurrent streams. In this work, we have implemented a server prototype which supports a large number of sesssions from a single disk. This is achieved by a novel scheduling technique and the use of ooine MPEG data reorganization based on a-priori(More)
Topic The proposed project falls into the realm of personal analytics. By investigating personal activity log data, we are interested in exploring the pattern of time expenditure on activities of interest. These activities all belong to goals that one commits to or wants to do over a long time span, for instance, take a course at school, exercise more, or(More)
Fig. 1. User interface of Schedulvis composed of the calendar view and the timeline view. The calendar view is the top half with red colour map and the timeline view contains the blue components at the bottom. Abstract— Personal time logs are collected by many people to provide insights of their work patterns and life patterns. However, the visualizations(More)
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