Hung Jung Lin

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Triptolide, the main active component obtained from Tripterygium wilfordii Hook. f, has been reported to present potent immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory biological activities. It has been previously shown that due to the cytotoxicity of triptolide it has a limited use in the clinic. Although numerous studies have shown that triptolide induced(More)
BACKGROUND We assessed whether hyperbaric oxygen preconditioning (HBO2P) in rats induced heat shock protein (HSP)-70 and whether HSP-70 antibody (Ab) preconditioning attenuates high altitude exposure (HAE)-induced brain edema, hippocampal oxidative stress, and cognitive dysfunction. METHODS Rats were randomly divided into five groups: the non-HBO2P +(More)
The causative/regulatory connections between changes in tissue redox state and fever induction were investigated herein. Wherefore, LPS, the primary element of bacterial cell wall, in addition to inducing pro-inflammatory cytokines, activated macrophages and other leukocytes to secrete hydroxyl radical (OH), nitric oxide metabolites (NO(x)(-)), superoxide(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Digoxin has been used as an inotropic agent in heart failure for a long time. Troponin I (TnI) phosphorylation is related to cardiac contractility, and the genes are regulated by peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs). Our previous studies indicated that cardiac abnormality related to the depressed expression of PPARδ in(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The role of opioid receptors in the regulation of vascular function remains unclear. In the current study, we evaluated the ability of loperamide, a peripheral opioid receptor agonist, to regulate blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRs) and examined the mechanism(s) by which loperamide exerts its effects. METHODS In male(More)
Rhodiola rosea (Rhodiola) is grown at high altitudes and northern latitudes. It is mainly used clinically as an adaptogen, but antihypertensive effects have been reported for the extract. These have not been well investigated, so in the present study, we evaluated the effect of Rhodiola-water extract on blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE A possible means of decreasing prostate cancer mortality is through improved early detection. We attempted to create an equation to predict the likelihood of having prostate cancer. METHODS Between January 2005 and May 2008, patients who received prostate biopsies were retrospective evaluated. The relationship between the possibility of(More)
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