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In this paper we propose a new steganography technique which embeds the secret me s s a g e s i n f r e q u e n c y d o ma i n. Ac c o r d i n g t o d i f f e r e n t u s e r s ' d e ma n d s o n t h e e mb e d d i n g c a p a city and image quality, the proposed algorithm is divided into two modes and 5 cases. Unlike the space domain approaches, secret(More)
As recent development in Web-based learning system is not only a tide, but also a trend. To reduce the problem of disorientation and cognitive overload while learning with the WBLS, it is important to provide sufficient "learner control" mechanism to WBLS learners. One possible way is to allow learners to construct their own learning path by using different(More)
Information is considered as the most valuable resource in today's data-centric world. In recent times there has been a prodigious growth in information transmission. Parallel to it the data hiding techniques have also developed to sustain information authentication and confidentiality. Traditionally data was hidden in covers such as text, images and audio.(More)
Image authentication is important in content delivery to preserve originality as well as integrity of data. Using handwritten signature we can authenticate a person accurately. This paper proposes an efficient image authentication technique by hiding handwritten signature image in selected DWT sub-band of the image. At the receiver end signature image is(More)
Image authentication plays a vital role in safeguarding the originality as well as helps to retain the integrity of the data. It is also used as proof in case of content delivery. This paper proposes an efficient and effective medical image authentication technique by embedding information of a patient and doctor through corresponding QR codes in selected(More)
Steganography is the technique of hiding data in an appropriate multimedia carrier, e. g. , image, audio, and video files known as Cover. Images are mostly used as the cover medium due to their pervasiveness in different applications and representation with high redundancy. This paper provides a review and analysis of many existing methods for digital image(More)
Steganography is the technique to concealing information to the extent which nobody, except for the transmitter and also the designated receiver, anticipate the presence of the hidden data. Steganography is the craft to concealing important information in such a way that restrict recognition. The Steganography utilized towards transportation important(More)
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