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This paper presents a scalable rate control (SRC) scheme based on a more accurate second-order rate-distortion model. A sliding-window method for data selection is used to mitigate the impact of a scene change. The data points for updating a model are adaptively selected such that the statistical behavior is improved. For video object (VO) shape coding, we(More)
|With the success of the Internet and exibility of MPEG-4, transporting MPEG-4 video over the Internet is expected to be an important component of many multimedia applications in the near future. Video applications typically have delay and loss requirements, which cannot be adequately supported by the current Internet. Thus, it is a challenging problem to(More)
This paper describes the texture representation scheme adopted for MPEG-4 synthetic/natural hybrid coding (SNHC) of texture maps and images. The scheme is based on the concept of multiscale zerotree wavelet entropy (MZTE) coding technique, which provides many levels of scalability layers in terms of either spatial resolutions or picture quality. MZTE, with(More)
It is a challenging problem to design an e cient MPEG-4 video delivery system that can maximize the perceptual quality while achieving high resource utilization. This paper addresses this problem by presenting an architecture of transporting MPEG-4 video over the Internet, which includes an end-to-end feedback control algorithm and a source encoding rate(More)
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