Hung-Jen Chou

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Almost everyone today has his or her mobile phone and Bluetooth has already become a standard inclusion on most mobile phones, laptops and PDAs. Data transfer through Bluetooth among the handheld devices is common and popular. Bluetooth establishes links in a more convenient manner to facilitate sharing data between devices. It motivates us to apply this(More)
To accomplish developing mobile web applications on variety of mobile execution environments, we propose Pervasive User interface Markup Language (PUML) describing user interfaces for applications on the small devices, and Pervasive loGic Markup Language (PGML) representing the computational logic of the applications. Furthermore, we exploit the XSLT/XPath(More)
The paper presents voice service XML (VSXML) technologies to transform the traditional voice services into the visualized ones for mobile phone users. The technologies contain VSXML formatted files, VSXML designer, and VSXML renderer. The VSXML file encapsulates the interactive Question Units plus the communication protocols during the voice services(More)
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