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In this paper, we propose a novel digital watermarking technique based on neural networks for color images. Our technique hides an invisible watermark into a color image, and then e!ectively cooperates neural networks to learn the characteristics of the embedded watermark related to the watermarked image. Due to neural networks possessing the learning and(More)
We propose a new intelligent audio watermarking method based on the characteristics of the HAS and the techniques of neural networks in the DCT domain. The method makes the watermark imperceptible by using the audio masking characteristics of the HAS. Moreover, the method exploits a neural network for memorizing the relationships between the original audio(More)
A novel robust learning algorithm for optimizing fuzzy neural networks is proposed to address two important issues: how to reduce the outlier effects and how to optimize fuzzy neural networks, in the function approximation. This algorithm is able to reduce the outlier effects by cooperating with a conventional robust approach, and then to optimize fuzzy(More)
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