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Analysis of distributed antenna system over high-speed railway communication
In this paper, the issues of time division duplex (TDD) DAS, including coverage of remote antenna units (RAUs), echo channel effect and system deployment cost were analyzed. Expand
Resource allocation in central-controlled Device-to-Device communications networks
We propose an efficient algorithm that dynamically adjusts the boundary of resource-assignment area and resource-contention area to achieve fairness in resource allocation and maximize system throughput. Expand
Experimental analysis of beamforming in high-speed railway communication
The demand of broadband high-mobility communication increased dramatically with the rapid development of high speed railway system. Expand
Design and Analysis of an Antenna Control Mechanism for Time Division Duplexing Distributed Antenna Systems Over High-Speed Rail Communications
In this paper, we discuss echo channel effect and define the corresponding criteria in a time division duplexing DAS railway communications system. Expand
Field trial and study of route-tracking beamforming over high-speed railway
We evaluate the improvement of route-tracking beamforming over high-speed railway communication system over Taiwan High Speed Railway (THSR) train. Expand
An antenna control mechanism for Distributed Antenna Systems over high-speed railway communications
In this paper, we analyze the issues of Time Division Duplex (TDD) DAS, including coverage of Remote Antenna Units (RAUs) and echo channel effect. Expand
It has attracted much attention to provide broadband wireless services in railway transport systems in recent years. In this dissertation, we aim to analyze and overcome some issues in railwayExpand