Hung-Hiang Quek

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A multiplex PCR method incorporating primers flanking three variable-number tandem repeat (VNTR) loci (arbitrarily labeled TR1, TR2, and TR3) in the CT18 strain of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi has been developed for molecular typing of S. enterica serovar Typhi clinical isolates from several Asian countries, including Singapore, Indonesia, India,(More)
From initial applications in the fields of prosthesis, implants, surgery planning, anthropology, paleontology and forensics, the scope of rapid prototyping (RP) biomedical applications has expanded to include areas in tissue engineering (TE) and controlled drug delivery. In the current investigation, the feasibility of utilizing selective laser sintering(More)
High-efficiency prefractionation of complex protein mixtures is critical for top-down proteomics, i.e., the analysis of intact proteins by MS. Free-flow electrophoresis (FFE) can be used for IEF to separate proteins within a pH gradient according to their pIs. In an FFE system, this separation is performed entirely in the liquid phase, without the need for(More)
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