Hung Cuong Le

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Peer-to-peer (P2P) systems provide a robust, scalable and decentralized way to share and publish data. Although highly efficient, current P2P index structures based on Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) provide only exact match data lookups. This compromises their use in database applications where more advanced query facilities, such as range queries, are a(More)
Naive T helper cells differentiate into functionally distinct effector subsets that drive specialized immune responses. Recent studies indicate that some of the effector subsets have plasticity. Here, we used an EAE model and found that Th17 cells deficient in the transcription factor BCL11B upregulated the Th2-associated proteins GATA3 and IL-4 without(More)
Natural polymer-derived materials have attracted increasing interest in the biomedical field. Polysaccharides have obvious advantages over other polymers employed for biomedical applications due to their exceptional biocompatibility and biodegradability. None of the spherical embolic agents used clinically is biodegradable. In the current study,(More)
PURPOSE To develop and evaluate a bioresorbable spherical material for embolization. MATERIALS AND METHODS New bioresorbable hydrogel microspheres were prepared from carboxymethyl cellulose and chitosan by using an inverse emulsion method. Size distribution of the microspheres was determined with a microscope, and the colorability was tested with Evans(More)
Circadian clock-gated cell division cycles are observed from cyanobacteria to mammals via intracellular molecular connections between these two oscillators. Here we demonstrate WNT-mediated intercellular coupling between the cell cycle and circadian clock in 3D murine intestinal organoids (enteroids). The circadian clock gates a population of cells with(More)
Non-bioresorbable drug eluting microspheres are being increasingly used for the treatment of unresectable liver tumors, whereas bioresorbable microspheres have not received much attention. In this study, bioresorbable microspheres prepared from chitosan and carboxymethyl cellulose were loaded with doxorubicin (Doxo) via ion-exchange interactions with(More)
PURPOSE It has been suggested that different etiologies of lingual nerve damage in the third molar area will produce a different clinical and histologic appearance in the nerve. If the clinical and histologic pictures were different, it could result in different treatments being recommended. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eight preserved cadavers (16 lingual(More)
It is now clear that connexin-based, gap junction “hemichannels” in an undocked state are capable of opening and connecting cytoplasm to the extracellular milieu. Varied studies also suggest that such channel activity plays a vital role in diverse cell processes and abnormal hemichannel activity contributes to pathogenesis. To pursue fundamental questions(More)
PURPOSE We investigated the effects of dental implants on patient health, as measured by commonly used surrogates of human homeostasis, including hepatic metabolic and synthetic ability, renal regulatory functions, bone turnover, clotting, infection, and inflammation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients enrolled had 1 to 3 mandibular uncoated, endosseous(More)
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