Hung-Chun Lin

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Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a disease prevalent in population and is not easily perceived in its initial stage but may sway a patient very seriously in later stage. In accordance with the estimation of World Health Organization (WHO), there will be 370 million diabetics which are 5.4% of the global people in 2030, so it becomes more and more important to(More)
To combat climate change, many industries have participated in the research on alternative energies. Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan has developed techniques for the solar energy selective absorption film continuous sputtering process. For this extremely complicated process, plenty of parameters would influence the output quality. If(More)
Experiments were performed using a microparticle image velocimetry (MPIV) for 2D velocity distributions of electroosmotically driven flows in a 40-mm-long microchannel with a square cross section of 200×200 μm. Electroosmotic flow (EOF) bulk fluid velocity measurements were made in a range of streamwise electric field strengths from 5 to 25 kV/m. A series(More)
The materials and energy in an integrated biological hydrogen production and purification system involving hydrolysis, dark fermentation, photo fermentation, CO2 fixation and anaerobic digestion are balanced by integrating the results from multiple experiments, simulations and the literature. The findings are two fold. First, using 1000 kg rice straw as a(More)
Options to tackle the sustainability challenges faced in the production of rice, including global and local environmental perspectives, need to be discussed. Here, the global warming potential, water consumption and cumulative energy demand were analyzed using a life-cycle assessment to highlight the sustainability aspects of rice production in Taiwan,(More)
Nitrogen (N) is the most important yield-limiting factor in agricultural systems, however, N application can lead to emissions and environmental problems such as global warming (N2O) and groundwater contamination (NO3 −). This study analyses the N balance, nitrogen-use efficiency, and N loss potential of conventional farming systems (arable farming,(More)
Article history: Received 22 October 2013 Received in revised form 10 February 2014 Accepted 23 February 2014 Available online xxxx The increase of e-book readers in recent years has driven the rapid growth of the application market of the electronic paper. The electronic paper is gradually regarded as a substitute for conventional papers because of its(More)
Specimen handling is a critical patient safety issue. Problematic handling process, such as misidentification (of patients, surgical site, and specimen counts), specimen loss, or improper specimen preparation can lead to serious patient harms and lawsuits. Value stream map (VSM) is a tool used to find out non-value-added works, enhance the quality, and(More)