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In this paper, we propose a phrase-based document similarity to compute the pair-wise similarities of documents based on the suffix tree document (STD) model. By mapping each node in the suffix tree of STD model into a unique feature term in the vector space document (VSD) model, the phrase-based document similarity naturally inherits the term tf-idf(More)
BACKGROUND In Caenorhabditis elegans early embryo, cell cycles only have two phases: DNA synthesis and mitosis, which are different from the typical 4-phase cell cycle. Modeling this cell-cycle process into network can fill up the gap in C. elegans cell-cycle study and provide a thorough understanding on the cell-cycle regulations and progressions at the(More)
We propose a novel data distribution framework for developing a large Web-based course forum system. In the distributed architectural design, each forum server is fully equipped with the ability to support some course forums independently. The forum servers collaborating with each other constitute the whole forum system. Therefore, the workload of the(More)
The internet can be viewed as a database with a huge amount of information. Powerful search engines present to users web pages that contain useful information, ranked according to the relevance to a particular query, and the quality of the web pages. However, users may have different interests even for the same query. In this work, we develop an on-line(More)
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