Hung Chi Lai

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Based on the intuitive observation that smaller numbers of gates and connections would usually lead to a more compact network on an integrated circuit (IC), a monotonically increasing function of gate count and connection count is concluded to be a reasonable cost function to be minimized in the logical design of a network implemented in IC. Then it is(More)
Parallel binary adders of n bits long in single-rail input logic which have a minimum number of NOR gates are derived in this paper. The minimality of the number of NOR gates is proved for an arbitrary value of n. Also, it is proved that the adders must be a cascade of basic modules and that there exist many different types of basic modules. These adders(More)
Rat liver glutathione S-transferases consist of binary combinations of three major classes of subunits designated as Ya (Mr = 25,600), Yb (Mr = 27,000) and Yc (Mr = 28,000). We have determined the nucleotide sequences of a cDNA insert in pGTR262 containing partial sequence of a Yc subunit. Sequence comparison with a Ya subunit cDNA clone pGTR261 revealed(More)
A redundancy check procedure is presented which is intended to reduce the computation time of the branch- and-bound algorithm for designing minimal NOR networks under various network constraints, such as fan-in, fan-out limitations and level restrictions. Several properties of NOR networks which form the theoretical basis for the redundancy check procedure(More)
We have characterized a cDNA with complete coding sequence for the rat liver glutathione S-transferase subunit 4 (Yb2) isolated from a constructed lambda gt10 cDNA library. Functional expression of the cDNA sequence has resulted in the purification to homogeneity of an enzymatically active anionic glutathione S-transferase. In addition to three previously(More)
The human glutathione S-transferase cDNAs encoding subunits 1 and 2 contain intrinsic ribosome-binding sites in their 5'-untranslated regions for direct expression in Escherichia coli. We show that functional human GSH S-transferases 1-1 and 2-2 are synthesized from lambda gt11 cDNA clones lambda GTH1 and lambda GTH2 in phage lysates of E. coli Y1090, in(More)
We have isolated a glutathione S-transferase Yb1 subunit cDNA from a lambda gt11 cDNA collection constructed from rat testis poly(A) RNA enriched for glutathione S-transferase mRNA activities. This Yb1 cDNA, designated pGTR201, is identical to our liver Yb1 cDNA clone pGTR200 except for a shorter 5'-untranslated sequence. Active glutathione S-transferase is(More)