Hung-Chi Chang

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Given a source video sequence, a video copy detec- tion technique tries to find sequences whose contents are identical to, or near-duplicates of, the source. In this paper, we mainly focus on the efficiency issue to propose a novel indexing method for video copy detec- tion. Two indexing algorithms, the min-hashing algo- rithm and the histogram pruning(More)
Cost and operation of inventory depends a great deal on what happens to demand when the system is out of stock. In real inventory systems, it is more reasonable to assume that part of the excess demand is backordered and the rest is lost. However, the amount of backorders (or lost sales) often incurs disturbance due to various uncertainties. To incorporate(More)
AI planning is the main stream method for automatic semantic web service composition (SWSC) research. However, planning based SWSC method can only return service composition upon user requirement description and lacks flexibility to deal with environment change. Deliberate agent architecture, such as BDI agent, is hopeful to make SWSC more intelligent. In(More)
Embryonic stem (ES) cell transplantation represents a potential means for the treatment of degenerative diseases and injuries. As appropriate distribution of transplanted ES cells in the host tissue is critical for successful transplantation, the exploration of efficient strategies to enhance ES cell migration is warranted. In this study we investigated ES(More)