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The parameter-based technique provides an efficient and valid means of constructing 3-D geometric models in many CAD software systems. However, its use is generally restricted to the design of mechanical components with regular configurations, and it is not ideally suited to product form and color design. This paper proposes a rapid conceptual design(More)
In recent years, the styles and functions of products have become very diverse due to the rapid advancement of new technologies. Before, customers were finding it hard to decide on what they would need although they have more product knowledge and choices. They were often unable to articulate their needs due to lack of specialized product knowledge, leading(More)
AIMS Increases in the systemic vasodilator adrenomedullin and the renal vasoconstrictors thromboxane A2 in cirrhotic patients are pathogenic factors for the development of functional acute kidney injury (AKI), including pre-renal azotemia (PRA) and hepatorenal syndrome (HRS), which is associated with high mortality. This study aims to find biomarkers that(More)
On-line learning is an asynchronous computer-based learning mode that allows learners to learn anytime and anywhere in their own environment using information and communication technology. It can be considered as a way to bridge the digital gap. How a computer novice performs in such virtual and asynchronous learning environments is an interesting issue in(More)
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