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Levin and Jasper's (1995) phased narrowing technique for tracking changes in information usage across successive stages of the decision-making process was combined with Huneke's (1996) "pull-down menu" extension of Payne, Bettman, and Johnson's (1988) software package for generating measures of information processing. Because this technique provided(More)
This document contains notes for a course taught by Tom Marley during the 2009 spring semester at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The notes loosely follow the treatment given in Chapters 8 and 9 of Cohen-Macaulay Rings, by W. Bruns and J. Herzog, although many other sources, including articles and monographs by Peskine, Szpiro, Hochster, Huneke,(More)
An ion microprobe ha~ been. used to observe Mg/"Mg in excess of normal values in anorthite crystals from Allende refractory mclus10ns. In one crystal, Mg excesses up to 40% above normal, correlated with AI/Mg, were. obser_ved. These ~xc~sses are many times larger than those observed by other techniques. T_he _correla~10n with Al(Mg mdicated tha_t the excess(More)
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