Humza Qadir Raja

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A significantly greater than normal secondary haemorrhage rate was noted in patients who had undergone tonsillectomy or adenotonsillectomy as waiting list 'initiative' cases within an alternative healthcare provider setting, compared with patients undergoing the same surgery within a primary healthcare trust (17.8 vs 3.9 per cent, respectively; p 0.1). We(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to assess the speed of referral, diagnosis and treatment of patients with lymphoma presenting with a neck lump, and to identify where delays are occurring that prevent UK national targets from being met. METHOD The study entailed a retrospective survey of patients presenting with a neck lump secondary to lymphoma between 2006(More)
In this work, we show how particle filter (PF) based speech feature enhancement can profitably be combined with soft-decision missing feature reconstruction. The combined approach is motivated by the fact that standard minimum mean square error noise compensation techniques fail to give accurate estimates of the clean speech spectrum if the noise spectral(More)
Several design parameters in collective robotic systems have been investigated and developed in order to explore the cooperation among the autonomous robotic individuals in a variety of robotic swarms in the presence of different internal and external system constraints. In particular, the dynamic power management and distribution in a multi-robotic(More)
INTRODUCTION Recent advances in electronic nose technology, and successful clinical applications, are facilitating the development of new methods for rapid, bedside diagnosis of disease. There is a real clinical need for such new diagnostic tools in otolaryngology. MATERIALS AND METHODS We present a critical review of recent advances in electronic nose(More)
Sir, Since the publication of the EP3OS guidelines for managing rhinosinusitis, we have found ourselves increasingly recommending the use of nasal irrigation. Patients are given basic instructions from the prescribing clinician and provided with a ‘Sinus Rinse’ bottle (NeilMed Pharmaceuticals, Coulsdon, Surrey) including the manufacturer’s leaflet(More)
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