Humphrey Sorensen

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INFOrmer is an intelligent ltering system, currently being applied to the management of USENET News articles. An individual may h a v e one or more prooles, each representing a long-term interest of that user. The user proole is then used to measure the relevance of incoming articles and lter out irrelevant documents. A user proole may be modiied as a(More)
We present here an overview of a research project aimed at reducing information overload for individual computer users. High-precision information filtering software has been developed to disseminate on–line electronic information. While the robustness and scalability of statistical approaches to information retrieval were a major influence on our design,(More)
Handover of patient care is a time of particular risk and it is important that accurate and relevant information is clearly communicated. The hospital discharge letter is an important part of handover. However, the quality of hospital discharge letters is variable and letters frequently omit important information. The Cork Letter-Writing Assessment Scale(More)
The emergence of cooperation in social dilemmas has been addressed in a number of fields. In this paper, we illustrate how robust cooperation can emerge among a population of agents participating in a N-player dilemma when the agents are spatially arranged on a graph exhibiting small world properties. We present a graph structure with a high level of(More)
The work described in this paper extracts user rating information from collaborative filtering datasets, and for each dataset uses a supervised machine learning approach to identify if there is an underlying relationship between rating information in the dataset and the expected accuracy of recommendations returned by the system. The underlying relationship(More)