Humphrey Pickering

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  • H Pickering, D Whitmarsh, Helen Pickering, David Whitmarsh Cemare
  • 1999
All rights reserved. No part of this paper may be reproduced, stored in a retrievable system or transmitted in any form by any means without written permission from the copyright holder. Abstract Amidst the growing volume of published research on artificial reefs, a central question concerns their potential for enhancing production as well as merely serving(More)
The social backgrounds and working behaviour of 248 prostitutes in urban and rural areas of The Gambia were investigated. Prostitutes were found to be highly mobile, moving frequently between a number of working locations in The Gambia and neighbouring Senegal, from which most of them originated. The educational level of prostitutes and the standard of(More)
  • E Roth, M Nielsen, H Pickering, S Jaffry, D Whitmarsh, P Wattage +1 other
This paper aims to reveal consumers' preferences for quality graded fish products based upon existing data on first-hand sales in Denmark. The data represents the value of fish for consumption as a non-differentiated private good. The objective is to measure the welfare gains to society of an increase in " quality " for major fish species. The demand for(More)
This paper has two goals. Using a grammar formalism in which syntax is no more than parsing-driven growth of semantic representation (Dynamic Syntax: DS, Kempson et al 2001), we sketch a model of production in which generation is defined in terms of parse routines. We then show how this tight coupling of parsing/generation directly reflects dialogue(More)
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