Humera Noor

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This paper presents a novel approach to object recognition involving a sparse 2D model and matching using video. The model is generated on the basis of geometry and image measurables only. We first identify the underlying topological structure of an image dataset containing different views of the objects and represent it as a neighborhood graph. The graph(More)
In this paper, we describe our experiments in high-level features extraction and interactive topic search tasks of TRECVID 2006. We designed a unified high-level features extraction framework for the 39 high-level features. Various low-level visual features were extracted from the key-frames of the shots. Then the SVM classifiers were trained fore. The(More)
A Fuzzy Rule Based Control System is presented in this paper. This control system controls Traffic Signals for regulating traffic on oversaturated intersections with the integration of left and right turns. Based on the Fuzzy Rules, the system decides, whether to extend the current green signal or terminate it. The control system also controls the(More)
Recognizing objects of interest in an environment is one of the most important aspects of security applications. Many techniques exist focusing on object categorization; however, most of them consider just a single viewpoint. This leads to increased false alarms as multiple objects look alike from one viewpoint and are totally different from other view.(More)
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