Humera H. Sharif

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Despite major recent advances in C-H activation, discrimination between two similar, unactivated C-H positions is beyond the scope of current chemocatalytic methods. Here we demonstrate that integration of regioselective halogenase enzymes with Pd-catalysed cross-coupling chemistry, in one-pot reactions, successfully addresses this problem for the indole(More)
three complementary biocatalytic routes were examined for the synthesis of the cyclopropyl amine (1R,2S)-2, which is a key building block for the anti-thrombotic agent ticagrelor 1. By employing either a ketoreductase, amidase or lipase biocatalyst, the key building blocks for synthesis of the amine 2 were obtained in 99.9, 92.5 and 46.3 ee, respectively.
Flavin-dependent halogenases are useful enzymes for providing halogenated molecules with improved biological activity, or intermediates for synthetic derivatization. We demonstrate how the fungal halogenase RadH can be used to regioselectively halogenate a range of bioactive aromatic scaffolds. Site-directed mutagenesis of RadH was used to identify(More)
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