Humberto Valdovinos-Torres

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The E7 protein of high risk HPV types has been found with different molecular weights, mainly because of phosphorylation, an event that changes protein charge and mobility in SDS-PAGE. Distribution of E7 protein in the cellular compartments has also been subject of debate as some groups report the protein in nucleus and others in cytoplasm. The different(More)
BACKGROUND Influenza viruses display a high mutation rate and complex evolutionary patterns. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) has been widely used for qualitative and semi-quantitative assessment of genetic diversity in complex biological samples. The "deep sequencing" approach, enabled by the enormous throughput of current NGS platforms, allows the(More)
High-throughput sequencing of the antibody repertoire is enabling a thorough analysis of B cell diversity and clonal selection, which may improve the novel antibody discovery process. Theoretically, an adequate bioinformatic analysis could allow identification of candidate antigen-specific antibodies, requiring their recombinant production for experimental(More)
The study of human B cell response to dengue virus (DENV) infection is critical to understand serotype-specific protection and the cross-reactive sub-neutralizing response. Whereas the first is beneficial and thus represents the ultimate goal of vaccination, the latter has been implicated in the development of severe disease, which occurs in a small, albeit(More)
Despite the potential to produce antibodies that can neutralize different virus (heterotypic neutralization), there is no knowledge of why vaccination against influenza induces protection predominantly against the utilized viral strains (homotypic response). Identification of structural patterns of the B cell repertoire associated to heterotypic(More)
For malaria transmission, Plasmodium parasites must develop in the mosquito vector. Oxidative stress in the insect midgut, triggered by environmental changes (e.g., pH and temperature), influences the cellular signaling involved in differentiation from gametocytes to mobile ookinetes for the purpose of parasite survival. Oxidative stress activates the(More)
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