Humberto Torres Marques-Neto

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This paper presents a characterization of broadband user behavior from an Internet Service Provider standpoint. Users are broken into two major categories: residential and Small-Office/Home-Office (SOHO). For each user category, the characterization is performed along four criteria: (i) session arrival process, (ii) session duration, (iii) number of bytes(More)
This paper proposes an SMS-based platform for transferring small data packets, allowing mobile applications to operate even in situations in which the data traffic over mobile data networks is unavailable or under congestion. We first conduct a workload characterization of a Brazilian mobile network during recent large-scale events to verify calls and SMS(More)
Bug handling represents a major effort in most software projects. To improve this relevant task, software organizations must first understand the current status of their bug resolution process. Although there are plentiful research in bug reports, few of them address the bug handling workflow to better understand and reason about the maintenance process. To(More)