Humberto Torres Marques-Neto

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The ever-increasing usage of Social Medias, like Twitter, have enabled companies and public personalities to communicate and to influence their public. However, how to analyze and measure something as subjective as interpersonal influences? This paper presents a methodology for measuring and to analyze how Twitter's posts (tweets) can influence their(More)
Reverse engineering techniques are usually applied to extract concrete architecture models. However, these techniques usually extract models that just reveal static architectures, such as class diagrams. On the other hand, the extraction of dynamic architecture models is particularly useful for an initial understanding on how a system works or to evaluate(More)
This paper proposes an SMS-based platform for transferring small data packets, allowing mobile applications to operate even in situations in which the data traffic over mobile data networks is unavailable or under congestion. We first conduct a workload characterization of a Brazilian mobile network during recent large-scale events to verify calls and SMS(More)
The ever-increasing representativeness of software maintenance in the daily effort of software team requires initiatives for enhancing the activities accomplished to provide a good service for users who request a software improvement. This article presents a quantitative approach for evaluating software maintenance services based on cluster analysis(More)