Humberto Torres Marques-Neto

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The ever-increasing representativeness of software maintenance in the daily effort of software team requires initiatives for enhancing the activities accomplished to provide a good service for users who request a software improvement. This article presents a quantitative approach for evaluating software maintenance services based on cluster analysis(More)
Despite its unquestionable importance, software maintenance usually has a negative image among software developers and even project managers. As a result, it is common to consider maintenance requests as short-term tasks that should be implemented as quick as possible to have a minimal impact for end-users. In order to promote software maintenance to a(More)
The ever-increasing usage of mobile phones challenges carriers to evolve and improve their services based on their users' behavior. Nevertheless, it remains uncommon the usage of data about human mobility for discovering patterns which could support the dynamic resource allocation in urban areas. In particular, occasional large scale events impose patterns(More)
In order to better manage software projects, we need to estimate adequately the effort of its development, independently of their peculiarities. This paper presents an adaptation of Function Point Analysis (FPA) approach for estimating the size of Data Mart (DM) systems. We validate the proposed approach using real data from finished DM projects and we also(More)
The work to be performed on open source systems, whether feature developments or defects, is typically described as an issue (or bug). Developers self-select bugs from the many open bugs in a repository when they wish to perform work on the system. This paper evaluates a recommender, called NextBug, that considers the textual similarity of bug descriptions(More)
The use of mobile instant messaging (IM) services has grown significantly last years. Usually, mobile chat services work over the Internet using cellphone carriers' resources, such as the SMS (Short Message Service) platforms. Understanding the user behavior in this environment is paramount to improve service performance and user experience. In this(More)
Peer-to-Peer live video streaming systems are becoming increasingly popular. Nevertheless, in spite of various studies of client behavior aspects and system optimizations, the current knowledge about the dynamic properties of the system, particularly how the P2P overlay network changes over time during a live transmission, is still superficial. In this(More)
Reverse engineering techniques are usually applied to extract concrete architecture models. However, these techniques usually extract models that just reveal static architectures, such as class diagrams. On the other hand, the extraction of dynamic architecture models is particularly useful for an initial understanding on how a system works or to evaluate(More)