Humberto Pérez Espinosa

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Depression is a disease that affects a considerable portion of the world population. Severe cases of depression interfere with the common live of patients, for those patients a strict monitoring is necessary in order to control the progress of the disease and to prevent undesired side effects. A way to keep track of patients with depression is by means of(More)
This paper examines the importance of different groups of speech acoustic features in the estimation of emotional primitives which define a three-dimensional continuous model of emotions. A set of proposed features is extracted from a database of German spontaneous emotional speech. This features set tries to represent several aspects of emotional content(More)
In this paper we describe a new technique to create virtual environments using photographs. A mobile robot is used to take pictures automatically, that are used in an image rendering system. Using a mobile robot allows to take photographs of large areas easily and accurately. Our Virtual and Real Robot (ViRBot) System is used to control the movements of a(More)
In this study, we present the results of classification experiments of induced dog barks in different contexts of behaviour. We applied four validation schemes to trained models in order to determine the level of individuals dependency for context classification. We did an analysis based on feature selection techniques to determine the best acoustic(More)