Humberto Mendoza

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AIMS The 'Hospital at home' (HaH) model avoids hospital admission by transferring healthcare and treatment to the patient's home. We aimed to compare the effectiveness and direct healthcare costs of treating elderly patients with decompensated heart failure (HF) using HaH care vs. inpatient hospital care (IHC) in a cardiology unit. METHODS AND RESULTS(More)
A model of overdominant gene action to explain heterosis for yield in the autotetraploid potato has been presented. Loci with multiple allcles and a maximum heterotic value for quadrigenic genotypic structures have been postulated. Various experimental results have been analyzed on the basis of such a model in contrast with a dominance situation. The(More)
Genetic variances were estimated for a population ofSolarium tuberosum L. subsp.andigena, selected for adaptation to north temperate climatic conditions. Estimates for 15 traits, including some unique to true seed (TPS) propagation, were obtained from trials conducted under short day conditions in Peru. Only non-additive variance was found for yield, but(More)
The photoperiodic behaviour of 18 potato clones from three taxonomic groups (Andigena, Phureja, and Tuberosum diploid and tetraploid) was studied under controlled environments. Day lengths of 11, 13, 15, and 17 hours were provided with all other environmental conditions common. Six characters were studied: tuber formation, stem height, haulm weight, tuber(More)
Some effects of inbreeding in the tetraploid potato were discussed. Previously published data by other workers were examined and shown to be apparently explained by the concepts that were presented in this paper. The highly significant figures obtained in the statistical analysis of per cent yield reduction relative to the inbreeding coefficient of(More)
require high-fi nesse, high-quality factor (highQ ) micro-lasers. Such lasers must be exceptionally transparent at their emission wavelength. But if highQ micro lasers exhibit correspondingly weak absorption at the pump wavelengths, they are challenging to excite. Here, we demonstrate micro-ring lasers that exhibit Q > 5.2 × 10 6 and a fi nesse of > 1.8 ×(More)
Eight potato clones (three day-neutral (DN) Tuberosum, one dayneutral and four short-day (SD) Andigena) were used as parents. Eight genetic sets bearing P1, P2, P1⊗, P2⊗, F1, F2, BC1, and BC2 generations were developed. Two sets were DN×DN crosses, four SD×DN, and two SD×SD. Tuber initiation (TI) was evaluated in growth chambers with daylengths of 11, 13,(More)
The paper presents an approach to support run-time verification of software systems that combines two existing tools, Prospec and Java-MaC, into a single framework. Prospec can be used to clarify natural language specifications for sequential, concurrent, and nondeterministic behavior. In addition, the tool assists the user in reading, writing, and(More)
As part of the International Potato Center’s (CIP) virus resistance breeding strategy, a group of 182 selected clones from intercrosses among duplex Potato Virus Y (PVY) immune progenitors derived fromSolanum tuberosum ssp.andigena (i.e., YYyy × YYyy) was sampled. These clones were test-crossed to the PVY susceptible tester 377964.5 (yyyy) to search for(More)