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Recent advances in systems biology, omics, and computational studies allow us to carry out data mining for improving biofuel production bioprocesses. Of particular interest are bioprocesses that center on microbial capabilities to biotransform both the hexose and pentose fractions present in crop residues. This called for a systematic exploration of the(More)
A method has been developed for the transfer of genes from other yeast strains and species to industrial yeast strains, using a haploid, kar1-1 mutant strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a vector. The sta2 gene, conferring the ability to metabolize starch was transferred from an auxotrophic haploid strain of S. cerevisiae (S. diastaticus) and the(More)
We investigated the behavior of yeast of the genus Kluyveromyces (K. fragilis 507, K. lactis 29 and K. lactis 10), which grow on lactose as sole carbon source, since they possess an enzyme system for the utilization of this sugar. We determined the beta-galactosidase activity of these strains, grown in the logarithmic phase in media containing glucose and(More)
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