Humberto Estrella-Maldonado

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Carica papaya L. plantlets, normally exhibit low rooting capacity when cultured in vitro. It has been suggested in other species that auxin concentration at root tissues, is the result of a reflux system driven by auxin influx transporters (AIT; AUX1/LAX) and auxin efflux transporters (AET; PIN), that regulates the mechanism of initiation and development of(More)
In plants, auxin is distributed directly from cell to cell through polar auxin transport (PAT) by the action of auxin influx (AUX1/LAXs) and efflux (PINs) transporters proteins. In Arabidopsis thaliana, PAT plays an important role in the formation of apical and radicular meristems during somatic embryogenesis (SE). The goal of the present research was to(More)
We investigated the transcriptional regulation of six genes involved in carotenoid biosynthesis, together with the carotenoid accumulation during postharvest ripening of three different papaya genotypes of contrasting pulp color. Red-pulp genotype (RPG) showed the lowest content of yellow pigments (YP), such as β-cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin, and violaxanthin,(More)
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