Humaira Jabeen

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Real time applications are getting increasing popularity in almost all kinds of networks, including MANETs. The support for these applications on best effort network, like IPN, requires the development of protocols that can guarantee a certain level of Quality of Service (QoS). This paper is concerned with a routing protocol for MANETs that provides QoS(More)
The technologies like Wi-Fi, Blue tooth, WiMax etc. have made Mobile Ad hoc Networks common in our Real life. Multi-media applications need to be supported on MANET. A certain level of QoS (Quality of Service) support is essential for Real time data. Our proposed protocol provides the required QoS without having negative impact on Best Effort data traffic.(More)
In this paper we investigate a new technique based on SBPN for congestion avoidance. In this technique we proposed a new algorithm based on WFQ for improving the Qos for multimedia traffic in MANET. In traditional algorithm used SBPN-FIFO in which data transmitted in which order its received . In SBPN-FIFO all packets are treated equally by placed into(More)
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