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Falls are identified as a major health risk not only for the elderly but also for people with neurodegenerative diseases, such as epilepsy, and are considered as a major obstacle to independent living. Fast detection of falls would not only decrease the health risks by enabling quick medical response; but also make independent living a safe option for the(More)
We address the detection of vehicles in a video stream obtained from a moving airborne platform. Our approach is based on robust optical flow algorithm applied on stabilized frames. Stabilization of the frames compensates for gross affine background motion prior to running robust optical flow to compute dense residual flow. Based on the flow and the(More)
Object recognition is a central problem in computer vision. When objects are defined by boundary curves, they can be represented either explicitly or implicitly. Implicit polynomial (IP) equations have long been known to offer certain advantages over more traditional parametric methods. However, the lack of general procedures for obtaining IP models of(More)
This paper describeV %89ø6-an automated visual inspection system – which selectively processes the incoming image data DQG FRPELQHV YLVLRQ ZLWK EHKDYLRU)RU WKLV %89ø6 LV HQGRZHG with biologically motivated visual capabilites: oculomation, attention and spatio-temporal reasoning. The advantages of such a system are being real-time and robust while running on(More)
Segmenting image sequences into meaningful layers is fundamental to many applications such as surveillance, tracking, and video summarization. Background subtraction techniques are popular for their simplicity and, while they provide a dense (pixelwise) estimate of foreground/background, they typically ignore image motion which can provide a rich source of(More)
We consider detection of moving ground vehicles in airborne sequences recorded by a thermal sensor with automatic gain control, using an approach that integrates dense optic flow over time to maintain a model of background appearance and a foreground occlusion layer mask. However, the automatic gain control of the thermal sensor introduces rapid changes in(More)
BACKGROUND Ankylosing spondylitis (AS) is a chronic inflammatory disease of spine and sacroiliac joints; it is characterized by new bone formation, and the disease processes can be accompanied by osteoporosis. In the present study, we investigated changes in bone mineral density (BMD) and in the levels of various bone turnover-related biomarkers and(More)
A cognitive robot may face failures during the execution of its actions. These failures are mostly due to the gap between the physical world and the constructed symbolic plans, some internal problems that may occur in its embodiment or unexpected external events. In this paper, we propose a visual scene interpretation system for extracting spatial relations(More)
Estimation of left ventricular (LV) mass has both prognostic and therapeutic value independent of traditional risk factors. Unfortunately, LV mass evaluation has been underestimated in clinical practice. Assessment of LV mass can be performed by a number of imaging modalities. Despite inherent limitations, conventional echocardiography has fundamentally(More)
This paper presents the design and evaluation of a multi-lingual fingerspelling recognition module that is designed for an information terminal. Through the use of multimodal input and output methods, the information terminal acts as a communication medium between deaf and blind people. The system converts fingerspelled words to speech and vice versa using(More)