Hulya Akman

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AIM The aim of the study was the electrophysiological evaluation of the cremasteric reflex after experimental testicular torsion. MATERIAL AND METHODS Ten male Wistar rats were enrolled into the study. Genitofemoral nerve (GFN) motor conduction and cremasteric reflex (CR) responses were evaluated electrophysiologically after being subjected to anesthesia(More)
PURPOSE To show the effect of botulinum A toxin-induced paralysis of abdominal muscles on intraabdominal pressure. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifteen Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into 2 groups. An abdominal skin incision was done, and 2 catheters were placed for the pressure monitoring and saline infusion. Saline solution was given to the abdomen until(More)
PURPOSE One of the factors suggested to be causative in hernia formation is defective collagen metabolism. In this study, we investigated whether there is any relationship between the collagen contents of indirect hernial sacs and certain demographic and anatomic parameters. METHODS Hernial sac hydroxyproline levels were measured in 100 pediatric and 23(More)
This study investigated the factors influencing the effectiveness of 7.5% polyvidone iodine as a surgical antiseptic. The study involved 100 operating staff (75 doctors and 25 nurses) from hospital surgical teams. Fingertips of both hands of the subjects were pressed on to agar culture before and after washing and after completion of surgery. Handwashing(More)
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