Hulin Huang

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A new torso design of humanoid robot is proposed as a 3-DOF PKM (Parallel Kinematic Manipulator) structure by using results of a biomimetic analysis of torso in humans and animals. Main characteristics of torso in nature are presented from which design requirements are outlined for a solution in humanoid robot. The PKM torso is consist of two platforms and(More)
Stable walking of bipedal humanoid is an crucial and challenge issue of research in bipedal robots. And the structure of shoe sole plays a significant role in preventing someone from slipping in human life. The humanoid robot foot often skid while the robot is walking fast, and it may cause serious harmfulness. This study presents some foot pads for(More)
A novel 3-dof series-parallel torso is proposed for humanoid robots to realize multimode locomotion and transition. The torso is composed of a 2UPU-U parallel mechanism for pitch and roll rotation and a serial joint for yaw rotation. The working principle of 2UPU-U is analyzed and a kind of integral joint base on rimless servo motor is designed in details.(More)
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