Hujun Wang

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This study aimed to improve the extraction rate of paclitaxel from Taxus cuspidata in order to determine the most effective combination of ultrasonic extraction and thin-layer chromatography-ultraviolet (TLC-UV) rapid separation method. The study was performed using the Box-Behnken test design to conduct single-factor experiments using ultrasonic extraction(More)
In this study to screen for stable, high Taxol-producing cell lines (CL5, CL12, and CL21) of Taxus cuspidata, stem tissues were used to induce calli, which were then subcultured nine times to establish suspension cell cultures. From 97 cell lines obtained from conditioned cultures, 10 cell lines with high Taxol content were selected. Stability analyses on(More)
In this study, using Taxus cuspidata as a raw material, we obtained stable high-yielding cell lines by subculturing and quantified paclitaxel content using ultrasonic extraction combined with TLC–UV spectrophotometry. In single factor and multiple factors tests to optimize design and study the effects of elicitors, precursors, and metabolic inhibitors on(More)
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