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Transfer learning, which leverages labeled data in a source domain to train an accurate classifier for classification tasks in a target domain, has attracted extensive research interests recently for its effectiveness proven by many studies. Previous approaches adopt a common strategy that models the shared structure as a bridge across different domains by(More)
Community structure of networks provides comprehensive insight into their organizational structure and functional behavior. LPA is one of the most commonly adopted community detection algorithms with nearly linear time complexity. But it suffers from poor stability and occurrence of monster community due to the introduced randomize. We note that different(More)
Long non-coding RNA urothelial carcinoma associated 1 (lncRNA UCA1) has gained more attention in recent years due to its oncogenic roles in various cancers. MicroRNA-144 (miR-144) participates in the regulation of many cancer cells growth. This study investigated the interaction between lncRNA UCA1 and miR-144 in lung cancer cells. The potential downstream(More)
Selecting a feature subset with strong discriminative power is a critical process for high dimensional data analysis, which has attracted much attention in many application domains, such as text categorization and genome projects. Since traditional feature selection methods provide limited contributions to classification, many researchers resort to hybrid(More)
In this paper the research method of Mine Safety Monitoring System based on ZigBee is elaborated, and the hardware design of ZigBee sensor node and system software design are discussed. The self-organizing routing algorithm for ZigBee networks and the gateway design and systems integration are also studied. ZigBee-based Mine Safety Monitoring System can(More)
Social tagging systems are widely applied in Web 2.0. Many users use these systems to create, organize, manage, and share Internet resources freely. However, many ambiguous and uncontrolled tags produced by social tagging systems not only worsen users’ experience, but also restrict resources’ retrieval efficiency. Tag clustering can aggregate tags with(More)
Using semiconductor photocatalysis to degrade organic contamination has received great attention recently. In this paper, study of using the anatasena nometer TiO2 light catalyzer loaded on the fiberglass cloth to degrade the low concentration organic phosphor pesticide dichlorovos (DDVP) in aqueous soultion was done. The results showed that the surface(More)
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