Huizhong Teng

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Quantification of the uncertainties in future climate projections is crucial for the implementation of climate policies. Here a review of projections of global temperature change over the twenty-first century is provided for the six illustrative emission scenarios from the Special Report on Emissions Scenarios (SRES) that assume no policy intervention,(More)
Reefs and coastal zone are closely link of marine and land system. Research on the features and changes of the related ecological system and the surrounding environment has important significance. The environment of medium and small reefs and reef groups is uncommon, and it plays an important role in resource development and marine safety. The Worldview-II(More)
The water depth inversion of shallow reefs plays an important role for marine safety, marine engineering and marine military. The IKONOS satellite remote sensing image and the chart water depth data are analyzed and processed in this paper and a new neural network model is established by transmission bands ratio. The ratio of blue, green, red and(More)
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