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Generation of marker‐free transgenic hexaploid wheat via an Agrobacterium‐mediated co‐transformation strategy in commercial Chinese wheat varieties
Summary Genotype specificity is a big problem lagging the development of efficient hexaploid wheat transformation system. Increasingly, the biosecurity of genetically modified organisms is garneringExpand
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Approach to Peptide Decorated Micelles via RAFT Polymerization
Pyridyldisulfide (PDS) functionalized telechelic polymers of oligo(ethyleneglycol) acrylate (PEG-A) and their amphipbilic triblock copolymers with styrene (St) were synthesized directly by reversibleExpand
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Antimony mediated growth of high-density InAs quantum dots for photovoltaic cells
We report enhanced solar cell performance using high-density InAs quantum dots. The high-density quantum dot was grown by antimony mediated molecular beam epitaxy. In-plane quantum dot density over 1Expand
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A simple methodology for the synthesis of heterotelechelic protein–polymer–biomolecule conjugates
A synthetic protocol for the preparation of hetero-biofunctional protein-polymer conjugates is described. A chain transfer agent, SS-bis (alpha,alpha'-dimethyl-alpha ''-acetic acid) trithiocarbonateExpand
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Comprehensive Identification and Bread-Making Quality Evaluation of Common Wheat Somatic Variation Line AS208 on Glutenin Composition
High molecular weight glutenin subunits (HMW-GSs) are important seed storage proteins in wheat (Triticum aestivum) that determine wheat dough elasticity and processing quality. Clarification of theExpand
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InAs/GaAs quantum dot solar cell with an AlAs cap layer
We report the effects of the deposition of an AlAs cap layer (CL) over InAs quantum dots (QDs) on the performance of QD solar cells (QDSCs). The growth of AlAs CL over InAs QDs led to the eliminationExpand
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Effects of biogas slurry fertilization on fruit economic traits and soil nutrients of Camellia oleifera Abel
Camellia oleifera Abel (C. oleifera) absorb nutrients from surrounding soils and its yield is highly influenced by these nutrients and by fertilizer application. Thus, the soil nutrients play aExpand
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InAs/InGaP quantum dot solar cells with an AlGaAs interlayer
Abstract We studied the growth of InAs/InGaP quantum dot (QD) solar cells with near ideal bandgaps for intermediate band solar cells. Using a solid-source molecular beam epitaxy system, the evolutionExpand
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The Immuno-Enhancement Effects of Tubiechong (Eupolyphaga sinensis) Lyophilized Powder in Cyclophosphamide-Induced Immunosuppressed Mice
ABSTRACT Tubiechong (Eupolyphaga sinensis) is an important material used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). However, the immunoregulation effects of E. sinensis Lyophilized Powder (ESL) areExpand
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Spatially Bandgap-Graded MoS2(1−x)Se2x Homojunctions for Self-Powered Visible–Near-Infrared Phototransistors
Ternary transition metal dichalcogenide alloys with spatially graded bandgaps are an emerging class of two-dimensional materials with unique features, which opens up new potential for deviceExpand
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