Huiyong Liu

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Although started as red indicator lights based on the GaP:N system, replacing only the nixie (Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1) tube, LEDs have become quite a high performance device of late and are revolutionizing the display and illumination sectors of our economy. Presently, the GaN based light emitters adorn the automobiles, traffic lights, moving(More)
We report writing polymer optical fiber (POF) gratings in photosensitive POFs doped with benzildimethylketal (BDK) (BPOF in short) using a 355 nm laser for what we believe to be the first time. Both multimode and single-mode FBGs were fabricated with relatively low writing intensity. The enhanced photosensitivity of the doped POFs is also evident by the(More)
The characteristics of current measuring methods of concrete pump discharge are analyzed, and the shortage of these methods is pointed out. According to the working principle of concrete pump, the mathematic model of the concrete pump discharge is established. The real-time measuring method of concrete pump discharge, which is based on pressure in the(More)
The measuring of the real-time discharge of concrete pump is an issue which must be solved urgently. The mathematic model of the concrete pump discharge is established based on the working principle of concrete pump. The measuring method based on pressure is put forward. By measuring and analyzing the pressure in the material cylinder, calculating the(More)
Aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy images of the In(0.15)Ga(0.85)N active region of a blue light-emitting diode, acquired at ~0.1% of the electron dose known to cause electron beam damage, show no lateral compositional fluctuations, but do exhibit one to four atomic plane steps in the active layer's upper boundary. The area(More)
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