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In this article, we consider the uniform circular arrays (UCAs) with the number of antenna elements insufficient to apply the traditional beamspace-based algorithms, which are labeled as sparse UCAs. For such UCAs, we propose a new hybrid approach for 2D direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation in the presence of mutual coupling. Using the manifold(More)
ZD958 was the most low-N-efficient line among five maize and two teosinte lines. Zea parviglumis and Zea diploperennis were insensitive to N limitation. Maize and teosinte genetically and evolutionarily diverged in gene regulation. GDH2, ASN2, and T4 were consistently down-regulated across seven lines. Maternal asymmetric inheritance and heterosis vigor(More)
Utilization of heterosis is one of the most outstanding advancements in plant breeding. However, its genetic basis is not well understood. We used digital gene expression technology to investigate the transcriptomes of the mature maize embryo of an elite maize hybrid Zhengdan958 and its parental lines to screen differentially-expressed genes and to study(More)
The signal integrity of the circuit, as one of the important design issues in high-speed digital system, is usually seriously affected by the signal reflection due to impedance mismatch in the DDR3 bus. In this paper, a novel optimization method is proposed to optimize impedance mismatch and reduce the signal reflection. Specifically, by applying the via(More)
In this article, we propose a space–time adaptive processing scheme via a generalized sidelobe canceler (GSC) architecture for airborne multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) radar. This scheme employs the waveforms extracted by the matched filter bank that is cascaded at the receive end and utilizes digital beamforming technique to synthesize a certain(More)
In a non-cooperative communication environment, the modulation mode of received signals has been widely concerned. Many methods are presented for estimating the modulation mode and order of common communication phase-shift key (PSK) signals, but they have weak points simultaneously. In this paper, a robust algorithm, using the periodicity of phase(More)
The calculation of wideband digital beamforming using traditonal methods is so large that it is hard to realize in project. This paper describes a wideband digital beamforming method on the base of stretch processing for linear frequency modulated (LFM) waveforms. This method offers advantages that are moderate data rate for wideband signal processing by(More)
A novel method of direction-of-arrival (DOA) estimation based on subarray beamforming for uniform circular arrays is proposed. In this method, the beamform manifold of uniform circular arrays is transformed via virtual structure, and then the virtual arrays are divided into two subarrrays. The target DOA is estimated from the phase shift between the(More)
To reduce the large computation of joint direction-of-arrival (DOA) and polarization parameters estimation based on electromagnetic vector sensor array, a reduced-dimensional MUSIC algorithm with modulus constraint (MC-RDMUSIC) is proposed. The MC-RDMUSIC algorithm estimates the DOA and polarization parameters in two separate steps. In step one, DOA(More)