Huiyong Chen

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Zeolites are microporous materials with pores and channels of molecular dimensions that find numerous applications in catalysis, separations, ion exchange, etc. However, whereas uniformity of micropore size is a most desirable and enabling characteristic for many of their uses, in certain cases, for example in reactions involving bulky molecules, it is a(More)
The adsorption and separation properties of benzene and toluene on the zirconium-based frameworks UiO-66, -67, -68, and their functional analogues UiO-Phe and UiO-Me2 were studied using grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations, density functional theory, and ideal adsorbed solution theory. Remarkable higher adsorption uptakes of benzene and toluene at low(More)
The adsorptive separation properties of M-BTC isostructural series (M = Ti, Fe, Cu, Co, Ru, Mo) for methanol-acetone mixtures were investigated by using various computational procedures of grand canonical Monte Carlo simulations (GCMC), density functional theory (DFT), and ideal adsorbed solution theory (IAST), following with comprehensive understanding of(More)
Crystallization of sodalite was studied in an ethanol–Na2O–Al2O3–SiO2–H2O system. The addition of ethanol was observed to significantly affect the crystallization process and final crystal sizes and morphologies. Micron-sized sodalite particles with disc and thread-ball-like shapes were produced at low ethanol contents whereas sodalite particles with(More)
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