Huiying Zhuo

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A 1.5 GHz all-digital fractional-N frequency-locked loop by utilizing a ΔΣ frequency-to-digital converter (FDC) is implemented in 0.18 μm CMOS. Different from the conventional all-digital phase-locked loop, the all-digital frequency-locked loop (ADFLL) with a 1-bit ΔΣ frequency detector (FD) avoids complex time-to-digital(More)
A noninvasive energy-efficient FM-UWB transmitter is implemented in 65nm CMOS for stereo hearing aid applications. Different form the conventional FM-UWB transmitter, the proposed transmitter employs an 8-FSK subcarrier modulation method to enhance data rate by three times with slight increment of hardware complexity. The 8-FSK subcarrier modulation is(More)
This paper describes a link margin enhancement method for high data rate impulse-radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) transceiver systems. To overcome a trade-off between link margin and spectrum compliance in the pulse based UWB system, a spectrum-efficient frequency hopping (FH) technique is proposed to increase average transmission power without violating the(More)
Unlike consumer electronics, transfusing the advanced wireless technology into medical equipment has not been rapidly developed. For wireless medical applications, lossless connection and noninvasive transmission are important factors. Moreover, in medical imaging applications such as 4D ultrasound imaging, high-information-rate transmission with a(More)
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