Huiying Cao

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Sucrose (Suc) transporters (SUCs or SUTs) are important regulators in plant growth and stress tolerance. However, the mechanism of SUCs in plant abiotic stress resistance remains to be dietermined. Here, we found that AtSUC9 expression was induced by abiotic stress, including salt, osmotic and cold stress conditions. Disruption of AtSUC9 led to sensitive(More)
Collaborative filtering (CF) is commonly used and successful techniques in recommendation systems (RS) but it has showed some problems like sparsity and cold start. Different techniques are employed to overcome the collaborative problems but there is no one single algorithm which can satisfy the personalized needs of each user. This paper presents a new(More)
Modern logistics service urgently calls for efficient and economical transportation and delivery operations, the integrated platform for logistics planning is an important way out, which brings digital identity of cargos and optimized routing and scheduling plan together, the platform gives logistics planners an approach to make better decision faster and(More)
Collaborative Filtering (CF) has become one of the most successful approaches for providing personalized product recommendations to users. Neighborhood-based CF is one of the main forms among all CFs, which is widely used in commercial domain. However, neighborhood-based CF suffers from new user cold-start problem in sparse rating data. In this paper, we(More)
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