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Tunable Fano resonances based on two-beam interference in microring resonator
In this paper, a resonant system is demonstrated on silicon-on-insulator wafer to achieve tunable Fano resonances. In this system, the Fano resonance originates from the interference of two beamsExpand
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Silicon band-rejection and band-pass filter based on asymmetric Bragg sidewall gratings in a multimode waveguide.
A silicon photonic wire filter based on an asymmetric sidewall Bragg grating in a multimode silicon-on-insulator strip waveguide is demonstrated. The operating principle is based on theExpand
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Thermally Tunable Filters Based on Third-Order Microring Resonators for WDM Applications
We design and fabricate a thermally tunable third-order microring resonator filter based on silicon nanowire waveguides. Box-like response with low intraband ripple (~0.65 dB) and high out-of-bandExpand
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Fano resonances in ultracompact waveguide Fabry-Perot resonator side-coupled lossy nanobeam cavities
We propose and demonstrate experimentally an ultracompact resonant system exhibiting sharp asymmetric Fano-resonance, in which a tiny photonic crystal nanobeam cavity is laterally coupled to aExpand
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Silicon lateral-apodized add-drop filter for on-chip optical interconnection.
A lateral-apodized add-drop filter is demonstrated in a multimode asymmetric waveguide Bragg grating. This design utilizes two individual superposed gratings with the same sidewall corrugation depth.Expand
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Silicon mode multi/demultiplexer based on multimode grating-assisted couplers.
A simple and low-crosstalk 1 × 4 silicon mode (de)multiplexer based on multimode grating-assisted-couplers is proposed. Mode transitions can be flexibly controlled by designing the grating period atExpand
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FSR-free add-drop filter based on silicon grating-assisted contradirectional couplers.
We propose an add-drop filter with an unlimited free spectral range (FSR). The device is based on grating-assisted contradirectional couplers with silicon-on-insulator ridge waveguides. TheExpand
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Wavelength-selective 4 × 4 nonblocking silicon optical router for networks-on-chip.
We design and fabricate a wavelength-selective nonblocking 4 × 4 silicon optical router based on microring resonator for use in future integrated photonic interconnection networks. We successfullyExpand
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Compact polarization splitter based on silicon grating-assisted couplers.
Compact polarization beam splitter (PBS) based on grating-assisted couplers is proposed by utilizing contra-directional coupling between two corrugated strip waveguides. The co-directional couplingExpand
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Silicon Add-Drop Filter Based on Multimode Bragg Sidewall Gratings and Adiabatic Couplers
A silicon photonic add-drop filter is demonstrated with sidewall Bragg gratings in a multimode strip waveguide. The operating principle is based on the contradirectional coupling between the TE0 modeExpand
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