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This paper presents a practical and general coder and decoder of network coding (NC) with HDL (Hardware Description Language) logic for wire-speed nodes in multisource multicast networks. The NC coders apply random linear network coding (RLNC) and the decoders recover the original packets by Cramer's rule. All these mathematical operations are carried out(More)
This paper deals with the design of variable bandwidth linear-phase FIR digital filters by weighted least square method. This proposed algorithm is constructed by a linear combination of fixed-coefficient linear-phase filters, of which the variable bandwidth characteristics are provided by an embedded tuning parameter. Using the weighted least square(More)
A novel embedded OpenRISC platform was developed with Altera FPGA, its source codes were based on OpenRISC1200 intellectual property (IP) core and uClinux. Five algorithms of video special effects for camera applications were proposed and integrated in the drivers, which included mirror effect, line-scanning effect, diff effect, edge blur effect and noise(More)
To achieve high efficiency and ensure Quality of Service (QoS), the last-level cache of Chip Multiprocessors has to be carefully managed. Previously proposed cache management schemes focus on reduction of the overall number of misses and or by allocating cache capacity without taking into consideration the applications' memory sharing characteristics. In(More)
As Ajax webpage can be built by Javascript function, Ajax makes it possible to send asynchronous requests to the server and handle the response in the background. It is not definite that the current URL reflects the current state of the webpage. The traditional approach of security crawler can not walk through the Ajax web application to collect all the(More)
With more than 80% useless applications and data wasting source in server, people use memcached as a critical solution for key-value client. But traditional memcached applications are usually realized by general Central Processing Unit (CPU), general software and Double Data Rate Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (DDR DRAM). There is huge potential(More)
With the development and penetration of mobile devices, the opportunity for M-Commerce has opened. Compared with case-based reasoning and collaborative filtering, few take the cognitive style into account when designing personalized recommender system. A domain and feedback-based FD/I calculator algorithm was proposed to address the using condition issues(More)
The average link utilization at the backbone of Internet is less than 10%. But the bandwidth that users can experience is very limited. Researchers find the switching capability of metropolitan area networks (MAN) is the major bottleneck. This paper adopts the Multi-path Self-routing Switching Structure as the switching fabric, which is interconnected(More)
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