Huixuan Shi

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Searching for new SF<sub>6</sub> replacement gases from a large number of candidate molecular gases usually requires laborious experimental works with high costs. Here we report an efficient and economic computation-based scheme which can semi-quantitatively predict the thermodynamics and electric properties of new SF<sub>6</sub> substitute insulation gases(More)
Octafluorocyclobutane, c-C4F8, and its derivatives are regarded as promising replacements of insulation gaseous SF6, which are currently widely used in electric equipment but suffer greatly from its greenhouse effect. Based on the recent finding that the dielectric and thermodynamics properties of insulating gases are greatly dependent on the molecule's(More)
Standard current transformer is verified via current comparator. Otherwise, manual zeroing for current comparator is the key to limit verifying speed of standard current transformer. The research of electronic zeroing technique for current comparator is therefore of great importance. The development of electronic balancing device for current comparator is(More)
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