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Investigations on callus cultures of Securinega suffruticosa indicated that the cell line of S. suffruticosa callus was able to accumulate four known Securinega alkaloids with dextro rotation but not levo rotation as reported before: virosecurinine (1), viroallosecurinine (2), 14,15-dihydrovirosecurinine (3) and ent-phyllanthidine (4). Time course studies(More)
Cordycepin is a bioactive component of the fungus Cordyceps militaris. Previously, we showed that cordycepin can alleviate hyperlipidemia through enhancing the phosphorylation of AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), but the mechanism of this stimulation is unknown. Here, we investigated the potential mechanisms of cordycepin-induced AMPK activation in HepG2(More)
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