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Numerous attributes render the domestic dog a highly pertinent model for cancer-associated gene discovery. We performed microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization analysis of 60 spontaneous canine intracranial tumors to examine the degree to which dog and human patients exhibit aberrations of ancestrally related chromosome regions, consistent with a(More)
Quantile regression has emerged as a useful supplement to ordinary mean regression. Traditional frequentist quantile regression makes very minimal assumptions on the form of the error distribution and thus is able to accommodate nonnormal errors, which are common in many applications. However, inference for these models is challenging, particularly for(More)
Examination of multiple conditional quantile functions provides a comprehensive view of the relationship between the response and covariates. In situations where quantile slope coefficients share some common features, estimation efficiency and model interpretability can be improved by utilizing such commonality across quantiles. Furthermore, elimination of(More)
The adhesion of water droplets to leaves is important in controlling rainfall interception, and affects a variety of hydrological processes. Leaf water drop adhesion (hereinafter, adhesion) depends not only on droplet formulation and parameters but also on the physical (leaf roughness) and physico-chemical (surface free energy, its components, and(More)
As gene expression profile data from DNA microarrays accumulate rapidly, there is a natural need to compare data across labs and platforms. Comparisons of microarray data can be quite challenging due to data complexity and variability. Different labs may adopt different technology platforms. One may ask about the degree of agreement we can expect from(More)
BACKGROUND NCI60 cell lines are derived from cancers of 9 tissue origins and have been invaluable in vitro models for cancer research and anti-cancer drug screen. Although extensive studies have been carried out to assess the molecular features of NCI60 cell lines related to cancer and their sensitivities to more than 100,000 chemical compounds, it remains(More)
We develop inference procedures for longitudinal data where some of the measurements are censored by fixed constants. We consider a semi-parametric quantile regression model that makes no distribu-tional assumptions. Our research is motivated by the lack of proper inference procedures for data from biomedical studies where measurements are censored due to a(More)
Statistical inference in censored quantile regression is challenging, partly due to the unsmoothness of the quantile score function. A new procedure is developed to estimate the variance of Bang and Tsiatis's inverse-censoring-probability weighted estimator for censored quantile regression by employing the idea of induced smoothing. The proposed variance(More)
In this paper, we develop an efficient moments-based permutation test approach to improve the test's computational efficiency by approximating the permutation distribution of the test statistic with Pearson distribution series. This approach involves the calculation of the first four moments of the permutation distribution. We propose a novel recursive(More)