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Extracting stripe center accurately is very important in 3D measurement with structured light. A new method for extracting the center of ring-structured-light stripe has been proposed, which combines morphological thinning with improved barycenter method. Convert the original gray-scale image to a binary one, in which stripe stroke at pixel-level can be(More)
In 3D measurement of complex deep-hole inner profile with ring-structured-light, the effective area of the original images is an annular zone, only a small portion of the whole. A new image compression storage method has been proposed, where only the image information of the effective annular zone, denoted by T, is stored. The method consists of the(More)
Error elimination is very important in 3D measurement with ring-structured-light. A method has been proposed, which includes the following procedures. First, acquire ring-structured-light images and extract their stripe center. Second, find the base-circle center of the stripe center locus by curve fitting, using the least squares method. Subsequently(More)
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