Huiwen Guo

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In this paper we present a method to detect and localize abnormal events in crowded scene. Most existing methods use the patch of optical flow or human tracking based trajectory as representation for crowd motion, which inevitably suffer from noises. Instead, we propose the employment of a new and efficient feature, short-term trajectory, which represent(More)
In this paper, a novel method based on Phase Spectrum of Quaternion Fourier Transform (PQFT) for anomaly detection in crowd is presented. The proposed method mainly consists of two parts: quaternion feature representation and construct of abnormal saliency map. In the first stage, motion and appearance information are both considered and a quaternion(More)
As an important branch of computational photography, light field photography combines the hardware design of optical system with key algorithm of signal processing quite well. Unlike traditional photography which can only record light ray's two-dimensional position, light field photography system can record four-dimensional position and direction.(More)
In recent years, researchers come up with lots of path following algorithms. One of their basic assumptions is that the robot's initial position is a single certain point. Actually, as robots rely on sensor data to locate by Kalman filter or Partical filter, it outputs a probability distribution. In this paper, F* describes a new path following algorithm(More)
In this paper we present a method to grasp workpiece by the industrial robot arm based on the machine vision. Most existing methods use the kind of camera calibration methods to establish the spatial position relationship of the robot arm and the workpiece in the image. Instead, we propose a new location method, which is based on using the Hermite(More)
This paper presents a calibration framework for calibrating the pose of two cameras with non-overlapping region with the help of a mobile robot. Firstly, intrinsic parameters are calibrated separately by using camera calibration toolbox for MATLAB. To establish the position relationship between the two fixed cameras, the movement of mobile robot at two(More)
We propose a novel approach for the crowd anomaly detection in multiple cameras with non-overlapping view. In this paper, we refer to the activities of crowd in far-field scenes. Firstly, we present a model for learning all of the motion patterns under single camera view, which are regarded as the normal situation. In the surveillance region, we mark the(More)