Huiting Liu

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Previous research on the biological and toxic effects of nano-TiO(2) particles on animals only limit to a single dose. However, the toxicity caused by single dose nano-TiO(2) does not truly represent ecological and health effects of nano-TiO(2) retained in the environment. In order to further evaluate the toxicity of nano-TiO(2) particles, nano-anatase(More)
Although it is known that nano-TiO2or other nanoparticles can induce liver toxicities, the mechanisms and the molecular pathogenesis are still unclear. In this study, nano-anatase TiO2(5 nm) was injected into the abdominal cavity of ICR mice for consecutive 14 days, and the inflammatory responses of liver of mice was investigated. The results showed the(More)
Nano-TiO 2 was shown to cause various toxic effects in both rats and mice; however, the molecular mechanism by which TiO 2 exerts its toxicity is poorly understood. In this report, an interaction of nano-anatase TiO 2 with liver DNA from ICR mice was systematically studied in vivo using ICP-MS, various spectral methods and gel electrophoresis. We found that(More)
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